I had the task of designing a useful tent for Cub Scouts age group of 6 – 10 year olds.

After I came up with what I felt was a usable design, something that would hold up to usage and be repaired easily, I contacted several different manufacturers, and Pinnacle Tents was the only one that would work with me.

I worked exclusively with Kevin Rak who did nothing but yeoman work with me.

After 2 years of usage, we found a flaw in the material.  I contacted Kevin, and Pinnacle stood behind their product and made it right.

I cannot say enough about what an outstanding company Pinnacle Tents is.

Dee S


Pinnacle Tents is absolutely THE BEST company with which I have ever done business. If everyone at Pinnacle is as cheerful, courteous, and helpful as Grace, it must be an awesome place to work!

I work with the public too and so many times we joke about, “When do WE get to be customer?”

Pinnacle made me “the customer” and it is the most refreshing experience I’ve had in years!

Genuine Thanks to all involved in servicing my order. I will be recommending Pinnacle whenever I get the opportunity.


Sharon T



We worked with Pinnacle Tents to order 200 tents as a means of advertising for our summer camp.

They designed from scratch a tent that matched our colors was exactly what we were looking for.  They sent us samples and made changes as we asked for them until it was exactly what we wanted.

They were easy to communicate and work with and gave us a product that our partners LOVED.

We will absolutely use Pinnacle Tents in the future as they were professional, efficient and affordable!

Pine Cove



I headed the committee that purchased twenty Pinnacle tents for our meditation center.  We’ve used tents for a number of years and have lots of experience — some of it very trying.

The last batch of tents we tried barely lasted through the season.  That’s when we found Pinnacle.  We noted numerous benefits in using Pinnacle’s #644 tent: larger windows, better zippers (bigger and stronger), heavier floor — the list goes on.

And, the extended rain fly helped keep out the undesirable weather (we get lots of it in New England — our tents are up from May to September). And, any questions, concerns and the like have been handled quickly and efficiently.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Pinnacle.

Richard McCabe


I ordered a screen tent a few weeks ago.  It arrived a few days later, but there was some damage during shipping.  I called Pinnacle up, and the next day they shipped a replacement.  I have to say that I LOVE the new tent.  It is functional, adjustable, a good looking tent.

Thank you, I can’t wait to get out camping, and get some use out of it.

Jason Dunn


I purchased a #644 Wall Tent this past winter.  We used it in Ontario fishing last week.  It rained torrentially 4 days in a row for as much as 14 hours at a stretch.  The tent did great!

Absolutely not a drop of water entered the tent.  The sun broke the very last day of the trip and at 5:30 am that morning we’re in the tent listening to a pack of wolves howling across the bay from the island we were camped on.

Perfect ending to the trip….a dry tent and wolves howling in the near distance.

Scott L


We finally managed to try out our new camping setup this weekend.  Our tent was the talk of the campground!

Your tent is very well made and impressive in its design.  I have to admit though it was a challenge setting it up for the first time in 50k wind gusts, but we did it.

The first night continued to be very windy but had no effect on the tent.  The windows make it very comfortable in the warm weather and closed up was warm inside during the 45F nights.  This tent fits the bill and all our stuff prefectly.  IMO you have the best/largest tent on the market!

Thanks again,

Doug Smith


I have been camping for over 60 years & I know a bit about tents.  My husband and I have been using our Pinniacle Quick Set Dome Tent #702 for 2 seasons & we love it.  The only thing we would change would be the height from 60″ to 
72″, but we manage very well.

As for service, Grace and others are wonderful.  Pinnace produces a good product & the employees make Pinnacle great.


Barbara Amand


I purchased a #647 in the summer of 2010 to use for a November Colorado Elk hunting trip.

Everyone I know recommends the double wall canvas tents with no floor and a self made frame.  I looked at many tents and decided on this style.  I considered going with a competitors tent.

After I talked to Kevin about the Pinnacle tent I decided to order one because I wanted a steel frame and a floor.  The first person to see it up was a Colorado warden.  He knew we were rookies, but when he saw our tent he was impressed!  I couldn’t be happier with this tent.  It is everything that Kevin told me it was and more.

Donald F.