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  • Pop up tent XP4000-4
Four Person Pop Up Tent with Full Rain Fly
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    • Cold, heavy rain, driving wind.
      Have had my tent for about 15 months. Camped in desert, 100 deg during the day and Colorado high country, light snow at night. A dome tent is fine if there are two of you but it is a real pain when I am alone. Bought this tent because of ease of set up. It far exceeds my expectations. My last use this fall was at 11,000 ft. It rained for 15 hours with gusty winds most of the night. Not a drop of water inside. Warm and dry - can't ask for more.


      Mountains of Colorado

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    • Solid
      purchased 4 man tent + rain fly 3+ yrs ago

      First thoughts: The 4 person is pretty big when collapsed, it came with a bag that has backpack straps, i have never used these in the feld as a 4' diameter ring on your back moving through brush doesnt seem fun. Just putting it on at home made me feel like i was auditioning for the next ninja turtle movie.

      Set-up: Once you get to the site it is absolutely the easiest thing to set up, which i love since I'm usually setting up in the evening. Remove the strap and throw. Stake down and done.

      Comfort: truely rainproof, in a northwest rainstorm set up next to a friend in a regular tent who also had a tarp roof strung to trees over their tent. In the morning ALL their gear was soaked. Totally dry in mine. The water resistance degree is not without fault, it sealed SO well we wokeup in the middle of the night to realize the small vents on the roof were not allowing airflow, the airflow had been blocked off by the rainfly we had firmly staked flush to the ground. Positive, no water. Negative, no oxygen (I know open the windows if i use the rainfly). Sleeping on a mat or airmatress works great, on a cot, i wsh t were about 6-12" longer wi the slope of the dome my head and feet are against the tent wall.

      Tear down: By far more difficult than breathing in te middle of the night with a lack of oxygen. The bag has instructions, poor ones grab two corners taco together and fold down. 3 yrs of using the tent multiple times per year, still need the instructions, still takes 20 min to collapse into an ovalish shape secure the strap and force back into the bag.

      Final thoughts: I still like it 3 yrs later, no tears or rips (couple melt spots were camp ash blew on it but no prob). VERY waterproof, retains heat well have used between 20 and 90 degrees, always warm at night, a little warm if you try to nap during the day after your morning hunt, got so hot inside the 2nd trip the waterproof tape on the inside started to come off, the adhisive started to giveway, still no water inside even without it though. "Quick set up" usually loading gear n the tent while others are still running tent poles, but with guy ropes, fly, and staking, NOT a 2 min setup. Comfort, yep, as much as a tent can give, if you want more you should have an RV (then your not even campng). Teardown, all i can say is "GRRRR". Would still, have, and still do recommend this tent to family, friends, and enemies (i just dont tell enemies about the air flow concern).

      Customer service was given 3 stars cause i havent used it


      Eastern Washington

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