About Pinnacle Tents

We make camp setup easy, so you have more time to enjoy the great outdoors. Our camping tents are designed for easy setup to create your ultimate temporary home. We design and manufacture tents with the highest quality materials and assembly techniques for long lasting, worry free enjoyment. Create a solitary outdoor escape, a gathering of a group of friends, enjoy a memorable family vacation, or have the hunting trip of a lifetime; Pinnacle Tents designs and manufactures a tent to meet your needs.  Pinnacle Tents give you a unique enjoyable outdoor experience that you can’t get with an off the shelf tent. Don’t be surprised if your campground neighbors come over to check out and marvel at your new Pinnacle Tent.

About the Founder

My idea was not only to produce a line of easy to set up high quality tents but also flatten the supply chain to offer them directly to our customers at a reasonable and fair price. Unlike large retailers and manufacturers that are well removed from their customers, we communicate directly with our customers from pre-ordering to field use. We love sharing our customer’s passion for the outdoors. Our tents evolve over time to include the feedback from our customers that actually use the product. We rely heavily on our customers and encourage them to rate and share their experiences so we can make better tents for everyone. We are small enough to have flexible manufacturing to accommodate quick design changes to our standard consumer tent line and also offer small to medium size manufacturing runs of custom tents to our commercial customers.

Thank you for coming by and checking out Pinnacle Tents.
I look forward to hearing about your passion for the outdoors and how we can better serve you!