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Canvas Tent 10x14
Pinnacle Canvas Tent - 10 x 14.  Perfect for general camping, hunting, reenactments, retreats, or basecamps. Stay warm dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. For those warm breezy days just open the 3 large screen windows and door to soak in the fresh air.

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  • Pinnacle Canvas Tent - 10 x 14. 

    Perfect for general camping, hunting, reenactments, retreats, or basecamps. Stay warm dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. For those warm breezy days just open the 3 large screen windows and door to soak in the fresh air. The durable canvas and heavy duty sewn in vinyl floor will provide years of enjoyment and use.  Replaced by our premium line of canvas tents. 

    Canvas Tent Features

    • Taller wall height for maximum walk around space inside
    • Superior waterproofing (1000 mm) with heat sealed seams
    • Rugged sewn in vinyl floor
    • 8 ounce per square yard canvas
    • Light enough to carry yet durable enough for years of enjoyment
    • Canvas treated for mildew resistance and fire retardant
    • Strong 1″ diameter steel frame
    • 3 large screen windows and screen door for extra ventilation
    • Heavy duty canvas carry bag
    • Weight with frame: 69 pounds
    • Base Size: 10′ X 14′
    • Center Height: 96″
    • Wall Height: 56″
    • Eave Size: 10′ x 14′
    • Screen Area: 75 Square Feet
    • Tent Volume: 852 cubic feet
    • Doors: Quantity one – 53″W x 76″H located on 14′ side
    • Windows: Quantity 3 – size 54″W x 30″H
    • Hangers: 4 – one in each roof corner
    • Storage Pockets : 2
    • Zippers: Self-healing nylon; metal pulls
    • Frame: Chain linked powder coated tan steel
    • Fire Rating: CPAI-84
    • Packed Size: 42″L x 12″W x 11″H
    • Comes With: All frame poles, canvas carry bag, guy ropes, stakes, and instructions
    • UPC: 864668000006
    • Color: Tan

    • Great but zipper broke
      This tent has overall been an extremely great buy.
      I'll preface this review with saying that I've been living in the tent in Hawaii now for an entire year while building my house.

      THE GOOD: This tent is really spacious. Currently it holds a queen bed, two freestanding wardrobe racks, a large chair, chest, shelves...and there is still room to move about. Plenty of head room as well. Overall, I've been really happy with this tent.

      THE BAD: Although it is on a deck and under some cover, it's still been through a lot of rain and weather. It has held up remarkably well, but is starting to mildew (I've tried spraying anti-mildew Concrobium). Also, as the previous review stated, the zippers were the first to fail. Fortunately, it is just the most-used front screen zippers that have broken, and the canvas flaps are still intact to keep bugs out.



      Kauai, HI

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    • Tent is awesome
      I was skeptical about ordering this tent vs. some of the other options for large canvas tents from Kodiak, springbar, etc. as there wasn't much information out there. No youtube videos, not many reviews. I'm writing this review in hopes to help someone else out.

      I made the decision to purchase this 10x14 tent after reaching out in emails to different companies. Within a couple hours, I received a reply from Joe. We emailed back and forth and he was more than happy to answer EVERY question I had. The customer service was excellent. I also ended up purchasing the optional rain fly for the tent which really puts this tent over the top.

      The GOOD things about this tent....
      The walls are high (56" I believe) which really opens up and gives plenty of room allowing the full use of floor space. The ceiling is about 8" high and I tied a rope from the front door to the back by the small plastic loops and hung a sheet, essentially making it a 2 room tent.
      The windows are HUGE and with all the windows opened all the way up and the doors open, it's a pleasure to be in the tent during the hot days. The windows provide great ventilation and the breeze just cuts right through the tent. The optional rainfly is fantastic allowing you to keep the 2 large side windows open in the rain which is great during humid weather.
      The tent is rugged. Once it's up, it stays up. I've been in high winds (gusts to 50 mph) and pouring rain in thunderstorms and the tent stayed strong. Didn't have any leaks and the tent showed no signs of being stressed.
      Set up is easy. I can do it myself in about 30-40 mins including the rainfly. With another person (my girlfriend who is no more than 5'1"), it takes us about 20 minutes to pitch it. The longest part is nailing all the stakes in.

      There's really not much to complain about with the tent. The stakes are those cheap crappy yellow plastic stakes which I threw out and went online to Monk Industries to buy some 12" metal stakes. The only real issue I see with the tent itself, if anything is going to give me problems, I'd put my money on the zippers on the doors and windows. I've had a few catch but nothing too bad. I may not ever have a real problem with it but it kind of weighs on the back of my mind.... waiting for it.

      Overall this tent is fantastic. Easy to set up, stays dry, plenty of room. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a great tent to last a long time. It's an investment for me. I camp with my daughter, my girlfriend and her son. We all fit with more than enough room as to not be cramped in the rain, and keeping the kids dry is a must. I cannot say enough how happy I am with this purchase. I hope my review helps somebody out.


      North Shore, MA

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    • This is a very rare, and wonderful company.
      What a fantastic company you are! Very very few people would treat the customer so kindly. We have used this tent in the woods of northern mn. We also have a 9x12 canvas tent that we purchased from you in 2002. I guess we know a good company as we have been very happy with all items.


      Dodge Center, MN

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    • love it!
      This is a great tent we left it up all season on our island in Gerorian bay Ontario ... it weathered wind, rain, sun - severe thunderstroms - amazing. It is so roomy and comfortable the windows and door allow wonderful light and the ability to lay in bed and look at nature. We had a queen size bed, bunk bed cots 2 night tables and 2 canp dressers inside with plenty of room to move around. Could not have been more comfortable. Would definitly recommend this tent. It even made a believer out of my husband who is not a comping enthusiast. - He said he has never slept better or more comfortable while camping!
      camping enthusiaist


      Ontario, Canada

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