646CF White Canvas Rain Fly

Canvas Rain Fly for Tent 646

Model No. 646CF

Canvas Rain Fly for Tent 646

Canvas rain fly for Pinnacle Canvas Tent #646. Provides extra weather protection by creating a double roof. Extended eave overhang protects windows against driving rain to allow you to open them for ventilation. Recommended for extended duration setup of your Canvas Tent.

* Shown attached to Tan Canvas Tent 647 for illustrative purposes only. Matching white 646 Canvas Tent sold separately.


Product Description

Rugged, heavy duty canvas rain fly for Pinnacle Canvas Tent #646. Simply drape the rainfly over the tent, attach the bungee type cords to the steel tent frame with the supplied “s” hooks, and guy out with the supplied guy ropes. The eave extension that overhangs the window can be guyed down vertically or out at the same angle as the roof-line to allow visibility out of the side windows. This canvas rain fly is recommended if your tent is set up for longer periods in direct sunlight since it will not degrade like the synthetic polyester material. Adding the canvas rain fly will provide the most durable setup.


  • Extra protection for your canvas tent during storms and against UV sunlight
  • The most durable setup for your canvas tent
  • Heat seal taped sewn seams
  • Attaches easily with rubber bungee cords and hooks and supplied guy ropes

Additional Information


16 lbs.

Size (Exterior)

10′ x 14′


Cotton Canvas 8 oz.

Water Resistance


Fire Rating


Comes With

Bungee cords, “s” hooks, guy ropes




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