Tents For Your Family Camping TripSummer is almost here and the perfect time to start planning that family camping trip. There are many different types of camping conditions and the tent and equipment you will chose and the foods and comfort items you bring will vary widely based on the setting and activities. I will talk a bit about a family camping adventure where the packed size and weight of your gear won’t be a factor. We typically refer to this type of trip as car camping, where you drive up to your campsite and you don’t have far to carry your gear. veroxybd.com

I was asked by my cousin for advice on what type of camping tent to use for a trip for his family with two children. Many families will try to figure out what size tent they need to fit the whole family. In many cases it is more adventurous to have one tent for Mom and Dad and one tent for the kids. Just think how you would feel (or maybe did) through the eyes of a child picking out where to set up their outdoor home, learning how to set it up, and then having their own “fort” to stay in. It gives them ownership, involvement, independence, and an experience that they can share with their children later in life. It’s getting back to basics by enjoying the outdoors and creating lifetime stories and experiences. After all isn’t this part of what the entire camping experience is about?

Do you have any family camping advice or experience that you can share?